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What to expect with

Rocket as your Google Ads agency

accountability and results

100% of our media budgets go into buying media. Clients also have full access to their campaigns so they know exactly what's happening. When you work with Rocket, it's that simple.

A whole
team approach

Working directly on your campaign will be a Google Ads Specialist, an Account Manager and a Campaign Strategist. They'll be working to deliver monthly success.

We combine performance
and creative skills

Your message is every bit as critical as our Google Ads expertise. Our copywriters will create persuasive copy and our designers will make sure your ads and landing pages perform.

We know our Google Ads
work is never done

Google constantly changes and your competitors never take a break. Ongoing optimisation, and looking for ways to take campaign performance to the next level, is how we stay ahead.

Our team are constantly
training & learning

One of Rocket’s core values is ‘Be Better’. We attend the best conferences globally, we run fortnightly training sessions and we have a certification program for every team member.

We take a strategy
first approach

We learnt a long time ago that success in Google Ads is all about defining what you need to achieve and planning out the best way to get there. Without a strategy-first approach, results will struggle.

Reporting, analytics
& heatmaps

We're not huge fans of gut feeling, we're big on numbers. If you like rational thinking, valuable experiments and insightful suggestions, you'll love working with Rocket.

We have incredibly
strong partnerships

We're a Google Premier Partner and we were the first Bing Agency Partner in Australia. If one of our clients has a unique challenge, we know exactly where to go to find the right answer.

And there's
so much more

We could go on forever. But really, the best way to find out more is to contact us!

Case Study

Luna Park Sydney

We love Luna Park, but then who doesn't? When we got the chance to work with them we were incredibly excited. They've worked with us throughout 2018 and it's safe to say they're the excited ones now. In addition to winning the prestigious "Best Advertising Campaign" at the 2018 SEMRush Awards for our work with Luna Park, we have literally obliterated all previous benchmarks for successful Google Ads campaigns for this fantastic client. Here are some of our favourite numbers.


Increase in
Google Ads Revenue


Increase in
Total Website Revenue


Increase in
Clickthrough Rate

Wherever your customers are, we've got you covered

Your customers don't stick to a single device or a single way of finding companies just like yours. For this reason we make sure our campaigns are built to run in the locations we believe will generate a positive return. Search, remarketing, programmatic, display, social and more. We've got a track record of success in all the places you need it.

Case Study


4Cabling is Australia's leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of cabling, server racks and IT management accessories. Much of their amazing growth over the past 13 years is due to their early adoption of best-practice digital marketing techniques, but lately, performance had stalled and things that used to work well for them were no longer working. They approached Rocket to review their strategy, and optimise their account where necessary.


Increase in


Increase in


in CPC

What should I expect from a Google Ads Audit?

It's simple. You should expect our audit to deliver clear recommendations that will deliver a stronger return on investment than your current Google Ads campaigns. We've done a lot of audits and we pride ourselves on either providing real value or letting you know your current team are doing a great job. Our approach is thorough. We don't rely on tools or shortcuts but instead use our smartest Google Ads strategists to review your campaign and let you know exactly how we see things. If you'd like to know if Google Ads could be making you more money, then enter your domain name below!

Account Structure

Keyword and
Ad Analysis

Bid strategy

Landing page


We'll improve your results

We do work with great companies of all sizes

  • smaller...
  • and bigger

We'd love you to be the next client
saying great things about us

“Fantastic since day one, our quality leads have increased significantly and our business is growing. What else can you ask for!?”

Michael Vumbaca, General Manager

“We have seen a dramatic increase in social media activity since engaging with Rocket and feel that our brand presence from a digital aspect has had steady growth over the past 6 months.”

Nigel Miller, Co-Founder

“Very strong strategic capability, technically sound and amazing customer experience.”

Kelly Cross, Head of Marketing

“Outstanding quality of work, strong client focus, a genuine commitment to achieve exceptional results.”

Rod Berry, Managing Partner

“Great account management, creative strategy and amazing team :)”

Lisa Duong, Marketing Executive

“The team at Rocket are very helpful and provide assistance and suggestions when required. They are very responsive and easy to work with.”

Marielle Angulo, National Marketing Officer

“The transparency and involvement from the team at Rocket to get to know the business and focus to get real results.”

Navid Ghezelayagh, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Very professional and personal service which produces great results. Always kept well informed on what's going on.”

Robyn Lewis, EA and Jewellery Consultant

“Great customer service and great attention to detail. A lovely team to work with!”

Monica Page, ANZ Campaign Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use A Google Ads Agency?

Running a complete Google Ads campaign right from keyword research, developing a strategy, execution and optimisation is a time-consuming process that delivers the best ROI when left to a Google Ads specialist agency, like Rocket. 

The Google Ads platform is highly agile, evolving with the changing buyers’ journey. To extract value from the nuances of the platform and all its features can be overwhelming. Businesses who are serious about investing their media budget in this platform shouldn’t ‘set and forget’ campaigns. Campaigns need regular tweaking, optimisation and edits. That’s exactly where an agency steps in.

Rocket has run thousands of Google Ads campaigns as the digital marketing agency to hundreds of businesses in Sydney for 10+ years. We use Google Ads tools and proven processes that you can’t always get access to as an in-house marketer. 

The best part about hiring a Google Ads agency like Rocket is that you get the time to focus on the marketing strategy and other strengths of your team.

Is Rocket a Google Premier Partner? Why does this matter?

Rocket Agency is a proud Google Premier Partner as well as a Bing Agency Partner. Our contacts within these programs mean we know exactly where to go to find the right answer to your Google Ads questions.

Having a Google Ads agency that’s registered as a Google Premier Partner means that your marketing is always up to date with the latest knowledge and utilising the most useful features of all of Google’s products - which change all the time!

It also means that we have access to Premium Support from Google for all our clients.

Not only is Rocket Agency a Google Premier Partner, but we’ve also been nominated several times in their national awards program - and even won the Display Innovation category in 2019.

How does Rocket structure its agency fees for Google Ads Management?

The short answer is  - it depends.

The Google Ads agency management fees would depend on whether it’s a part of a broader marketing engagement including other channels and projects. 

The fees would depend on the complexity of your campaign, different products/services you offer and to a degree, your media budget for Google Ads.

When you’re taking Adwords management agency fees into consideration, compare what the fees include and what you’ll need to see and share the results - think A/B testing ads, reporting, analytics, CRO recommendations and more. The Rocket Agency approach to Google Ads management is thorough, with a dedicated Account Manager appointed to your campaign as well as the skills and time of our extended Google Ads specialist team.

Can you share some of your Google Ads success stories?

You can check out some of our Google Ads campaigns on our Case Studies page. In particular, check-out our Luna Park case study where we increased their Google Ads revenue by 1661%!

Our success stories pan across different industries and business sizes. We work with B2B businesses, B2C businesses and SMEs as well to grow their revenue or generate leads via Google Ads.

Do you recommend advertising on Bing?

Bing Ads could be a great media option to extend your Search Marketing budget to, if you cater to a particular buyer persona. It is estimated that Bing has a market share of 11% in Australia, particularly amongst users over 35 years old with higher levels of household income and education. To some commercial markets, the typical Bing user can be more desirable than that of Google.

Bing is often the default search engine for Windows computers, that are commonly allocated to employees of large business organisations.

We are proud to say that Rocket was the first Sydney based company to become a fully accredited Bing Partner, so we have the skills and knowledge based on experience to know if it’s the right platform for your marketing dollars.

If I become a Google Ads Agency client with Rocket, how often will we communicate?

As little or as often you’d like! Depending on the complexity of your campaigns, we’d interact more frequently at the beginning of the campaign, while we spend significant time learning about your business, your competitors and the market in general. As the campaign progresses, we recommend having a weekly WIP in person or over the phone to run through results, performance and any action points for the following week.

Regardless, you can always reach your Account Manager via phone or email.

What's the most important metric when running Google Ads?

The most important metric from Google Ads all depends on what kind of campaign you’re running and what goals you want to achieve from it. Most often, the metrics that are most important to our clients are one of:

  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost Per Conversion / Acquisition (CPC / CPA)
  • Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Search Impression Share

Does Rocket do more than just Google Ads?

We sure do! We’re your outsourced full-service Digital Marketing team that offers SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Display Advertising, Emails & Marketing Automation, Design, Writing & Video! Get in touch to see how we can help your business today.

I'm not located in Sydney. Can Rocket still be my Google Ads Agency?

Of course! If you’ve got a challenge we’d love the chance to come up with a solution. Most of all though, we’d love to help grow your business. Drop us a line. We’d love to answer your curliest Google Ads question or help you solve your biggest marketing problem.

How transparent are Rocket’s Google Ads Services?

We like our client relationships to be built on trust. 100% of your media budgets go into buying media. Clients also have full access to their campaigns so they know exactly what’s happening. When you work with Rocket, it’s that simple. Check out our company values here!

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